How to Export Resource Assignment Data to Excel from P6

Tutorial Info
  • Difficulty:  Intermediate
  • Program:  Primavera P6 Professional
  • Version:  All Versions
  • P6 Client:  Windows Client
  • Time to Complete:  15 minutes


As you know Primavera P6 has a lack of graphical features so often we schedulers need to export everything to other software packages (mostly Excel) to produce an understandable schedule and graphs. I always had a problem exporting resource related data to Excel with the standard exporting feature on P6 until I found  this way to use the Reports feature. Here you can use the current screen to develop a report and instead of making it a text report, we can have it produce an Excel report. This tutorial is good for anyone who wants to develop better resource curves and analyze resource assignments.

Step 1 – Select the Assignment tab

Export Resource Assignment
When you opened the desired project, on the left hand side, you can choose different options. In this case, to see the assignments, you need to select the Assignments tab

Step 2 – Resource Assignments page

Export Resource Assignment

In this table, we have a resource assignments table on the left hand side and time-distributed data on the right. We can modify these tables in some different ways. I describe my way below:

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